NFL Football pairs with Wine!

The start of fall signals the start of the NFL season. What many people don’t know is how well . No, a Napa Merlot doesn’t pair any better with Monday Night Football vs. a Walla Walla Merlot but for the last 10 years, a plethora of former NFL players and... read more

Platinum Wine of the Month Club

Our Platinum Wine of the Month Club is for oenophiles and wine experts who look for an exclusive and truly luxurious experience. Everyone who treats wine as the perfect accompaniment to food will enjoy the Platinum Wine of the Month Club. Members of this exclusive... read more

Enjoy the Last Days of Summer

Have you heard of a Master Sommelier? They are the highest of the high, most respected of all wine experts. To be frank, the requirements to become a Master Sommelier are quite insane. Some Sommelier applicants study for a lifetime, literally, to be able to start the... read more

How to Enjoy the Last Days of Summer

Summer is the most action-packed season of all. Unfortunately, it seems to end the quickest, too. The best way to enjoy the remaining sunny days of summer is to simply go out and embrace what is left of it. Here are a few ideas to do just that. Having your brunch in... read more

Recycle Your Wine Bottles

Wine is regarded as a very sophisticated drink due to its historical relevance, deliciousness, ability to evoke emotions, experience, and overall packaging and presentation. When you have bottles of wine are undeniably of high quality there is always a part of you... read more

Wine Olympics

In the spirit of the Olympic games, now is the time to host your own Wine Tasting Olympics. The overall premise is to have as many different countries represented with their wines in a blind tasting and then see which country will stand at the top of the podium.  Of... read more

Relax and Have Wine on Lazy Day

Let’s face it. Ever once in a while there is always a feeling of just wanting to stop and lie in bed all day. Don’t feel bad. It happens to all of us. Did you know that there is a day that is here to rescue us? August 10th is literally designated (unofficially) as... read more