Recycle Your Wine Bottles

Wine is regarded as a very sophisticated drink due to its historical relevance, deliciousness, ability to evoke emotions, experience, and overall packaging and presentation. When you have bottles of wine are undeniably of high quality there is always a part of you... read more

Wine Olympics

In the spirit of the Olympic games, now is the time to host your own Wine Tasting Olympics. The overall premise is to have as many different countries represented with their wines in a blind tasting and then see which country will stand at the top of the podium.  Of... read more

Relax and Have Wine on Lazy Day

Let’s face it. Ever once in a while there is always a feeling of just wanting to stop and lie in bed all day. Don’t feel bad. It happens to all of us. Did you know that there is a day that is here to rescue us? August 10th is literally designated (unofficially) as... read more

Send a Wine Club Gift to Your Friends

We enjoy the company of friends at home or work. Having friends makes every day more enjoyable when spending time together, or at least bearable when at work together. Don’t take that friendship for granted. The first week of August (or, internationally, the last week... read more

The judgement of Paris

Usually this time in July a large portion of the sporting world turns its eyes to Europe and the Tour de France. Since its inception in 1903 through the 1970’s, the Tour title was regularly awarded to Frenchmen. Then a shocking event happened in 1986:  American Greg... read more

Wine Tasting Treats by Joining Premium Wine Club

A trip to the local wine store will present you to rows and rows of wine selections. And being a wine novice, it is hard to choose the best one, unless you buy a few, taste and enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Attending wine tasting events is also a good way to... read more

Take Time to Relax With a Glass of Wine

Busy people need to relax and unwind after a hard day at work. There are a lot of ways in which you can relax, and, of course, a bottle of wine is one of our favorite ways to do so. Aside from washing away the day’s worries, did you know that some believe that wine... read more

Best Rated American Wines

The United States of America boasts a wide range of terrain, geographic landscapes and different climates that results in a wide variety of wines. Among the wines in the United States, California has arguably the best tasting wine. Lucky for you, our West Coast Case... read more