They passed the test, now pass the champagne! After four years of of pop quizzes, it’s finally time to pop some bottles! Celebrate that Bachelor’s with a degree of class worthy of their hard-earned GPA. Send the graduate in your life the Sparkling Club to commemorate a job well-done.

Get an MA in Malbecs If your graduate is a lover of all wines red, the Red Trio Club makes the perfect gift. Each month, they’ll discover new favorites as they explore red wines A to Z. That’s rich Greek Aglianico to light-bodied Zweigelt, of course!

Wine for being PhDone It can feel like there isn’t enough wine in the world to get you through grad school! Restock the cellar with a Case Club for your favorite new Doctor and they’ll write a thank you note so long you’ll think it’s another dissertation.

Cover photo: Alan Light/Flickr