This could be a new term to some of you that are beginning to enjoy wine. Decanting a bottle of wine is in essence pouring the opened bottle into a vase like vessel made of glass. Traditionally this practice is only done with red wines and not practiced when serving white wine.

white wine

In the “old days” you would decant a bottle of wine to help settle the sediment, which can form in an older bottle of wine. The main reason to decant is to let the wine breathe or aerate it. Young or old wines benefit from decanting and can greatly improve the taste of most wines.

We look at it this way; the wine has been confined to a very tight space since bottling and simply needs to stretch its legs out.

The length of time to have your wine in a decanter can vary from the age of the bottle to the type of wine in the bottle.

A good way to test the length of time to decant is taste the wine when the bottle is opened and then again after it’s been in the decanter for a ½ hour. Then continue to try it at specified increments until you think the taste is better and has opened up.

Decanting wine shouldn’t be intimidating, quite the opposite. It offers you a chance to experience a new way to appreciate wine and even better is a great group endeavor to share with friends or family. Like anything with wine the best way to learn about something is to try it!