Do you want to explore wine selections from different parts of the globe? There’s a convenient way to enjoy the exotic: Join a wine club. There are different wine clubs that offer myriad wine choices and experiences. Wine clubs have different shipping practices and return policies. Some stress wine education, stuffing your shipments with full-page descriptions of wine and wine-producing regions. Other clubs are available for phone inquiries about their wines. Most clubs offer re-order discounts and flexible cancellation policies.


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You may opt for a cheaper wine club to get started. If you later decide you want to upgrade, the sky’s the limit. There are plenty of fancy wine clubs that offer high-end and rare collections.

Joining A Wine Club

If you feel adventurous about wine consumption but do not have the time to browse the stores for new selections, joining a wine club may be an excellent choice. Some people may prefer the intimate feel of shopping at a local market, but it’s hard to match the convenience of a wine club with bottles shipped straight to your door.

Most wineries have their own wine clubs. The disadvantage of joining a winery club is that you will be limited to their offerings. Of course, they’ll have different selections but only from one source.

There is a big field of wine clubs out there. Invest a little time doing Internet research and reading the fine print. Note the wine selection, the value, the delivery options, and the return and cancellation policies. Most wine clubs will try to match your wines to your personal tastes, allow you to rate as you go and set your personal delivery schedule.