In the year 1959, Rufino Pablo Baggio (RPB) established his winery in the city of Maipú, province of Mendoza. Maipú is where most of the early immigrants were settled, some arriving as far back as 1878 and it is here that their parcel of free land was located. Many of these new and welcome arrivals were from Italy. Consequently Maipú boasts as many Olive trees as vines. With altitudes at 750 to 1,060 meters, and an abundance of minerals deposited from the Andes river, conditions for growing grapes are ideal.

El Supremo wine club

Presently RPB is creating Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec, Syrah, Torrontes, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc. RPB pays homage to Argentine’s War of Independence hero Pancho Ramirez with his El Supremo line of wines. Born in 1786, Francisco “Pancho” Ramirez was an Argentine governor during the Argentine’s war with forces loyal to the Spanish crown. He died in 1821 while trying to rescue his wife who was captured by an opposing faction of the Argentine government. Homenaje a Pancho Ramirez translates to “Homage to Pancho Ramirez.” Made from 100% Torrontes. The wine is a lively straw color. Intense floral aromas along with aromas of tropical fruit. On the palate it is flowery and vivid with excellent fruit, a truly explosion of the senses. It has good acidic balance. The wine is ready to be enjoyed now. Serve chilled with Pacific Rim cuisine such as mushroom dumplings in chicken broth, herb stuffed zucchini with basmati rice, tuna with mango sauce, Alaskan butterfish marinated in Torrontes and Miso, lobster with papaya sauce, and steamed bass with caramelized onions, ginger and scallions.

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