With its treasure trove of indigenous grape varieties, diverse geography and climate, Portugal produces world-class table wines. In his latest book, The World’s Greatest Wine Estates, Robert Parker mentions “the potential for creating exciting table wines is unquestionable”. While many American wine consumers are familiar with Port, far fewer are familiar with the excellent table wines now available. Since the mid-eighties Portugal has been undergoing a quiet revolution in quality and their efforts are starting to pay off for consumers who seek great wines that pair well with food.

Bonifácio wines

Founded in 1963 by António Francisco Bonifácio, Bonifácio & Fils has always focused their efforts to achieve the best quality with their products and they do this by managing their wines from the vineyards to the consumers’ doors. The Bonifácio family has hands on approach to their vineyards, wine production and bottling, that are all done in the west part of Portugal. The winery has benefited over the years, of numerous improvements and the introduction of recent technologies. A modern bottling line was also installed to increase production to the level that allows for export.

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