“A taste of Tranche is a slice of life… the life of the place, the vines, the people who make the wines, and most of all, you who drink them. We have given our lives over to making every bottle worthy of your attention.” – Michael and Lauri Corliss

In straight translation, tranche is a French term meaning slice. To Tranche, it means that and much more.


“The Tranche wines are a further expression of our abiding curiosity about wine. Its several “slices” explore a growing range of Rhône-inspired, Mediterranean varieties and estate-grown single varietal classic wines.”

The Tranche winery is adjacent to Blue Mountain Vineyard which plays an essential role in Tranche’s wine portfolio. They work with carefully-selected varietals matched to a specific, unique, weather-blessed location. In terms of altitude, aspect, rainfall, and all the other factors that enter into the taste of a place – often referred to as terroir – the Blue Mountain Estate Vineyard is truly one of a kind. Here, they cultivate a diverse collection of some of the world’s most interesting grape varietals, with more being planted as we learn and explore. Tranche practices only sustainable viticulture, hand-farming each block, in order to harvest very low yields of intensely-flavored fruit.
By design Tranche is cutting edge and exploratory. There is no compromising on quality, just a different path to achieving it. At Tranche we can produce expressive, aromatic, beautifully-defined varietal wines and blends at prices that don’t require a special occasion budget.

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