For wine lovers, a delightful way to start the year is by indulging in some of the finest wines available. Sampling wines from different wine-producing regions of the world is every wine lover’s dream.


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If you don’t have the time or money to travel the world in search of the best vintage, however, you can do the next best thing: join a wine of the month club. A wine of the month club is an exciting part of the modern wine culture, providing customers with new wines to sample on a regular basis. Wine clubs partner with vineyards and specialty wine stores to give their members access to a wide variety of wines.

Cellars Wine Club, founded in Seattle, Washington in 1999, started as an Internet club and quickly grew into a complete retail wine shop. Since our founding, we have become one of the West Coast’s premier wine clubs. We have formed a partnership with several world-class wine producers in the state, allowing us to offer an even greater array of fine wines to our patrons.

Wine Clubs at Cellars Wine

At Cellars Wine Club, we offer our patrons the unique opportunity to choose the club that is most suited to their tastes and budgets. There is the Single Bottle Club that provides members with one bottle of wine each month. The wine may be from exotic parts of the world or from nearby vineyards. The High End Bottle Club is designed for the more seasoned wine lover. It gives access to wines from the classic wine-producing regions of the world.

The Premium Club is perfect for novices who want to experience new wines that they cannot normally buy from local sources. The International Club gives access to wines with distinguished provenances including Australia, Europe, South Africa, and South America.

Then there are other clubs that focus on particular wine varieties such as sweet or sparkling wine or on wines from a particular area such as the West Coast Club. Lovers of premium wines can joint the Platinum Club or the 90+ Point Club. There is a wine club for every type of wine lover at Cellars Wine Club.