With Father’s Day occurring in mid-June, many view this holiday as the unofficial kick off to Summer. It’s no wonder why BBQ grills and/or grill accessories are great gifts for Dad. Besides the standard accessories such as utensils and meat thermometers, have you thought about the gift of wine? Grilling and imbibing isn’t just about cheap canned beer on a hot day, there are countless delicious BBQ pairings with many different wines either red or white.

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My favorite red pairing is pork spareribs with a bold and jammy California Zinfandel. The sweet sauce of the ribs work perfectly with the fruitiness of the Zinfandel, not just as a compliment but as an enhancement. The Zin also has mild tannins so you won’t have to worry about overpower your ribs.

My favorite white wine pairing is grilled shrimp with a Spanish Albariño. Albariño screams summer and it’s the perfect exemplification to Galileo’s famous quote: “wine is sunlight, held together by water.” Albariño, with its tropical fruit, citrus flavors, and crisp finish is fantastic with seafood, and can stand up well to spices, lemon and citrus flavors, and basically whatever marinade you choose to dip your shrimp into.

So for this Father’s Day, give the gift of wine to Dad. Cellars Wine Club has 16 different wine clubs to choose from to fit any level of wine and grilling appreciation or budget. Use coupon “DAD2016” to save 10%.