Our Platinum Wine of the Month Club is for oenophiles and wine experts who look for an exclusive and truly luxurious experience. Everyone who treats wine as the perfect accompaniment to food will enjoy the Platinum Wine of the Month Club.

Platinum Wine of the Month Club

Members of this exclusive wine club experience wine that metaphorically gives access to wineries and vineyards that may not be known about otherwise. The best part is that members get to sample some of the rarest wines in the world. Experience wines that are classics or even some new age wines. We do all the legwork to make each wine club member’s “visit” is a pleasurable one.

Not Your Typical Wine Tour

Most of the wines that are featured in Platinum Wine Club rare because they are made in small quantities. The wineries that these wines come from are often considered boutique wine houses and vineyards.

Despite the rarity of their wines, most of these wineries and vineyards come with a complete list of grape varieties from which their wines are produced. They all have the most popular type of grapes like chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon, or even more rare varietals like grillo and mencia.

Platinum Wine Club members receive a combination of any two wines – 2 bottles of red wine; a bottle of red wine + a bottle of white wine; 2 bottles of white wine. They will also receive our information-packed monthly newsletter. The newsletter is where information about the newest line up of wines, wineries, and vineyards are detailed, as well as wine reviews and wine-related events happening all around the world.