Wine is made from the fermenting of grapes and is arguably one of the most delicious, prestigious indulgences in the world.

There are different varieties of wine depending on the kind of grapes that are used. White wine is made from white grapes. During the process of fermentation, the seeds and skin of the white grapes are removed. Compared to red wines, white wines usually a lighter taste with a crisp flavor. White wines are also usually more fruity in flavor and aroma when compared to red wines.

difference red wine white wine

On the other hand, red wines are made from red to black grapes. These grapes are crushed together with their skin before they are fermented. Red wines have a richer flavor compared to the white wines. Red wines contain a naturally occurring compound called tannins that are found in the skin. This compound contributes to what sets red wine apart from white wine. Because of the presence of tannins, red wines have a richer flavor and tend to taste drier compared to white wines.

The top red wine producing regions include France and Spain. France is known for producing Merlot and Grenache while Spain has Tempranillo and Airen. Spain has the largest vineyards in the world but has a relatively lower yield compared to France. Regarding white wine productions, Argentina has the most production of white wine, specifically the most famous white wine, Chardonnay.