Let’s face it. Ever once in a while there is always a feeling of just wanting to stop and lie in bed all day. Don’t feel bad. It happens to all of us. Did you know that there is a day that is here to rescue us? August 10th is literally designated (unofficially) as Lazy Day.

Drinking wine on Lazy Day

With life seeming to become ever-more hectic each day, who can blame you for wanting to slow down and take a break from your busy schedule? Lazy day affords you an opportunity to enjoy a good bottle of wine. CellarsWineClub.com is here for you.

Cellars Wine Club offers the best in top of the line wines. Everything from red wines, white wines, and sparkling wines, we have it. We pride our wines on perfectly packaged collections. Every wine of the month club boasts unique wines that will take you on a different journey.

• Want to relax for the evening? Try our Single Bottle Wine Club.
• Want to indulge on that single evening? Try our High End Bottle Wine Club.
• Want to travel to distant destinations? Try our International Wine Club.
• Love red wines? The Red Trio Wine Club is for you.
• Likewise, love white wines? Try our Sweet Wine Club.

And with 11 more wine of the month clubs to choose from, you’ll always find a collection that is right for you on Lazy Day or any other day.