We enjoy the company of friends at home or work. Having friends makes every day more enjoyable when spending time together, or at least bearable when at work together. Don’t take that friendship for granted. The first week of August (or, internationally, the last week of July) welcomes International Friendship Day. Take this time as an opportunity to appreciate your friends who have always been there through thick and thin.

Wine Club Gift to Your Friends

Appreciating your friend does not have to be a grand gesture. A simple verbal communication of your appreciation is more than enough. Still want to indulge? Then make your gift giving experience a unique one. A perfect idea for International Friendship Day is a wine gift.

Great Company, Great Conversations

There is nothing greater than spending time with friends with a good glass of wine. You have shared hundreds of stories and moments while drinking. What is a better way to celebrate friendship than more opportunities to share wine together?

Cellars Wine Club offers a great variety of quality wines in combinations of red wine, white wine, and sparkling wine. Our wines come from world-class producers and come in wine club combinations suited for newbies or avid wine drinkers. With our wine of the month club memberships, you will not only enjoy the wine, but you will also have tasting notes to maximize your experience, and access to a monthly wine club newsletter featuring different wineries and wines. The wine club membership also grants you discounts on your next wine orders.

The unique thing about Cellars Wine Club is that we have different wine sets with a cohesive theme such as the Case Club, Passport Case Club, West Coast Case and Connoisseurs Case. For example, the Passport Case features international wines from the Old World and New World. The West Coast wines come from the best wineries of Oregon, California, and Washington. That means you can free yourself from ordering a mix of wines that you don’t care for so much just to get one that you do love. With our custom wine club collections, you’ll find a combination that delivers a variety of wines that you enjoy entirely.

With a wine club membership, you and your friend will relive memories or quickly create new memories over wine. There is no doubt that your friends will appreciate your thoughtfulness as you celebrate International Friendship Day with them. Give the gift of a wine club and share some love with friends.