If you’ve ever browsed the produce isle, you know that produce can be farmed in a variety of ways. The grapes used to make wine can be farmed in just as many ways. The wine resulting from those grapes is referred to by the type of farming, such as organic wine or biodynamic wine. The organic grapes used to make organic wine are planted, maintained and harvested using as little chemicals as possible. Organic wine is created from this organic fruit. So what does it take for your wine of the month club selection to be labeled organic? Let’s see.

organic wine grapes

Definition of Organic Wine

Organic farmers tend to use crop rotation, green manure, compost and biological pest control to get the best yield from their crops. These limit the amount of chemical residue that enter the fruit and subsequently the wine.

Organic Certified Wine

Different countries have different standards for organic wine. In the United States, the National Organic Program, a part of the U.S. Depart of Agriculture, is in charge of certifying organic wine. The regulations extend to the type of yeast used in fermentation and storage conditions. European countries also have their own rules and condition criteria for European organic certified wine. Another condition of getting the organic seal of approval is the amount of sulfur dioxide in the wine. Sulfur dioxide preserves the wine; other preservatives are not as effective. In the United States, the sulfite level must be under 20 parts per million.

Types of Organic Wine

Like wine, you can get organic wine in red, blush or white varieties. It’s not limited to any specific region or area of the world. It is possible to be drinking organic wine without knowing it. Not all winemakers submit to the authorization process; many winemakers simply practice organic farming without recognition. Like organic coffee, organic wine has a different taste than the wine you’ve tasted before. If you’ve subscribed to a wine of the month club, you may have been tasting organic wine without realizing it.

Wine of the month clubs often include organic wines in their line up. If you haven’t joined a Wine of the month club and want to taste organic wine, then join one. They expose you to a variety of wines that you make not have access to in your local area. If you’ve tasted organic wine, what kind was it and how did it taste?