How many times have you enjoyed a movie only to find out later a movie critic, rated it poorly? Did you think to yourself; “Geez, I must not know anything about movies?” or did you think; “Hmm, that’s interesting, I thought that movie was good.”  Most people have no problem disagreeing with a movie critic, but if they disagree with a wine expert, they think something is wrong with them.  That is ridiculous! No one should tell you what wines are good or bad, or should or shouldn’t like, just like no one should tell you that Keanu Reeves is bad actor.  It is all a matter of opinion.

Did you know wine critics, wine stewards, wine of the month club, winemakers, wine snobs and wine geeks have nothing that you don’t? That’s right, they don’t have special taste buds, or super palates that predisposition them to the world of wine. The only thing they have that you don’t (yet!) is the ability to describe what they are tasting.  They have enough experience in the world of wine to specifically put into words the flavors and aromas they are tasting and smelling.  The good thing is that the more wine you try the better you will get at describing it.

Your homework is to try as many wines as possible. Taste at home, visit a winery,  try wines at your local wine shop, host your own tasting party, or my favorite; join a wine club. The point is to expose yourself to as many types of wines as possible and read up on the wine’s tasting notes. Start with the basic descriptors like fruity or acidic and go from there. The important part is to have fun on your journey.