1In the spirit of the Olympic games, now is the time to host your own Wine Tasting Olympics. The overall premise is to have as many different countries represented with their wines in a blind tasting and then see which country will stand at the top of the podium.  Of course there are some perennial medal winners such as the USA, France, Italy and Spain but don’t be surprised if some underdogs shine such as Australia, Argentina, or Chile. As blind tastings go, anything is possible. First you will need to choose the event. This would be what varietals or style the competition will be under. I would add a price point too. Some typical events would be: “Red Blends under $15” or “Cabernet Sauvignons under $20”.  As the host, you can assign countries to the people coming to your party ahead of time, or do all of the purchasing yourself.  Either or,  I would aim for at least 5 different wines for every event. The fun begins with the tasting and judging. Give each wine a ranking, tally the scores and don’t be surprised if an obscure country takes home the gold!