With such a great response to last week’s post about wine tasting, we wanted to follow up with a post about wine pouring etiquette. Let’s start with opening the bottle.

Wine pouring etiquette

1. Open the bottle like a ninja. This means you have to open it quietly with a corkscrew. It takes practice, trial, and error. But don’t worry, most wine tasting rooms have staff expert in opening the bottle. If you’re one of the guests, then opening won’t be necessary.

2. Hold the bottle in the palm of your hand. Remember, this isn’t any bottle. This is wine. And if you’re in a wine tasting room, people will be looking at you while you pour. It’s important to hold the bottle in the palm and the label facing the guests so they can see the vintage. While pouring, hold towards the base. And please, avoid bubbles.

3. Hold the glass by the stem. Be particular as well when holding the glass. The best way is to hold by the stem using your thumb and forefinger, while the rest of your fingers rest on the base. Another way is by holding the bottom of the stem with the thumb and forefinger while the rest of the fingers hidden below the base. For stemless glasses, hold towards the base.

4. Fill your glass half full. This isn’t a drinking marathon. Don’t fill your glass as if you’re afraid of not being able to taste every drop. Maybe four to six ounce will do. When amongst company, you can also try to pour the equivalent of others.

5. Offer wine before pouring your glass. Before filling your glass, offer others nearby to try the wine first. Some might say, “Thanks, I’m good,” while others might get their glass and let you pour the wine for them. Generous graciousness is key.

Proper wine pouring takes a lot of practice. Be patient. Learn and enjoy.