The day after Thanksgiving Day, famously referred to as Black Friday, is the official beginning of the holiday shopping season in the U.S. With consumer confidence at high levels due to a more stable economy and higher employment rates, retailers expect an unprecedented increase in holiday spending. Most retailers open very early on Black Friday, with some starting their promotions as early as the evening of Thanksgiving Day. Retailers typically hire seasonal staff to provide enough coverage for the outsize volume of business.
Retailers across the country roll out their biggest sales of the year on Black Friday. All types of merchandise are deeply discounted to lure shoppers into stores.


Wine Lovers

Black Friday extends beyond specials on toys, clothing and electronics. It is also a day for wine lovers to look for their favorite wine accessories at markedly discounted prices. If you or anyone on your gift list is a wine lover, watch for deals on the following accessories:

  • Wine holders and racks – Decorative wine holders for a couple bottles, or large wine racks for a bigger collection, are perfect additions to a wine lover’s home. Wine holders and racks are often marked up to 50 percent off on Black Friday.
  • Wine glasses – Wine lovers will enjoy different types of wine glasses. There’s the burgundy glass for lighter, full-bodied selections such as Pinot Noir. The Bordeaux glass is similar but has a smaller bowl. A champagne flute is for sparkling wines and fortified wine glasses are specifically designed for dessert wines. Glasses come in crystal and glass and are even available in different colors.
  • Corkscrews – A corkscrew is a must for any wine lover. Get the most affordable corkscrews during the Black Friday sale. Sometimes, corkscrews come as giveaways when you buy your bottles of favorite wines on Black Friday. You can buy a corkscrew just by itself or as part of a full bar set, which includes knives, foil cutters, and strainers. Check your local brick-and-mortar wine and accessories store as well as online stores.
  • Wine chillers – Wine chillers get your wine ready to drink in minutes. When you buy a wine chiller on Black Friday, it may come with a free bottle of wine. Enjoy it yourself or pass it on to a friend for the holiday.

If it’s wine you’re after—either for yourself or someone on your holiday shopping list—Black Friday is a great time to shop and buy.